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Report to the National Pacifica Board -- May 23, 2014, pdf

KPFK First!

Vote for Eddie Evans - Vote for near-term and short-term projects to boost KPFK's listener sponsors.


Honor Diversity (different types) and Nonviolence --

  • "Two generations of listener sponsors and glorious radio history betrayed and for what, for whom?"
  • ". . . . listener-sponsors will know beforehand what they are financing, why, what, when, where, and for whom."
  • "What ideological or commercial venture could possibly hope to replace our free speech, Peace oriented radio station?" Eddie Evans
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Eddie Evans for KPFK's Listener Sponsor Board -- 40 years of listener sponsorship and a deep commitment to KPFK's survival as a free speech, listener-sponsored radio station for the Internet and the 7th Generation. I say, "Let a thousand KPFK's bloom.

KPFK stands for peace locally and globally. It ought to clone itself throughout the world. Tiajuna to Moscow, Peking to Taladiga, Alabama, these and other places call for KPFK's efforts; don't allow those ignorant of KPFK's goal to destroy its future..

save kpfk


Harassment of KPFK Programmers

It's about transparency and accountability.

save kpfk adding maching

Here's some news that is old news to some: "conditions indicate that the Foundation may not be able to continue as a going concern." Ross Wisdom, CPA   

Besides KPFK's good health for the 7th Generation, I'm strongly influenced by ecology and the race myth.

888-431-7233 -- See Crime Scene Cleanup for my consumer advocacy experience.

KPFK: Listener-Sponsored, Free Speech Radio -- Art, Religion, Science, Social Affairs, Philosophy -- Eclecticism (wide variety) and a voice for the voiceless.

Have tape recorder -- will travel

Tell me what you think; tell me what you want from KPFK. Help us raise money for KPFK. Yes, I do make it up as I go along because I never planned to do what someone must do, and that's report to our listener-sponsors, to protect their rights as sponsors of free speech, listener- sponsored radio. From what I'm seeing, there's really little concern for listener-sponsor rights.

Shall we begin a new free speech, listener-sponsor model? Shall we report on the internal activities of our listener-sponsored radio stations and The Pacifica Foundation?

If you agree with me, then vote for me, Eddie Evans

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Why should anyone object to transparency and accountability?


SAVE KPFK and vote for Eddie Evans, a 40 year listener-sponsor with questions to ask for the 7th Generation and today's listener-sponsors. Let's learn what can be learned while finding more listener-sponsors. Let's put our money to work for KPFK. Let's give voice to the voiceless.




Threats to our KPFK --

  • Hostile takeover by corporate marauders (predatory capitalism),
  • Political machinations, sectarianism by insiders from top to bottom, inside and out.
  • Poor listener-sponsorship,
  • US Taliban,
  • Harrassment of Programmers
  • Pacifica insiders suing Pacifica insiders with listener-sponsors' money.

Notions of freedom change. Ultimately, we have as much freedom as our neighbors allow us.

Notions of peace ought not change. Either peace exists or it does not. World peace either exists or our world as we know it will not exist for the 7th Generation. KPFK has a vital role to play in spreading notions of peace and freedom worldwide.

It's about transparency and sustainability. Sure, Pacifica faces the same demographic realities as the Republican Party, a dwindling number of sponsors. And unlike the Republican Party, Pacifica has no sugar daddies. But is there more to Pacifica's constant pleas for more and more? How can we ever know and will we ever know? We should. Perhaps it's nothing more than dwindling demographics related to listener sponsors. Maybe it's nothing more than living in a more expensive world. We need to know and we deserve to know.

If at any time you gather that I write with a sense of urgency, then I have achieved one purpose of my run for KPFK's board. Call me if you like. I can answer only so many questions, but I hope to change this with your vote. I have little to zero insider information. If selected, I will do my best to make objective reporting on this directory my first priority.

A Plague of Fund Drives

Please read on if you care to know more about my interest in serving KPFK, which is not my first choice for the rest of my life, but a first duty to the 7th Generation, come what may, win or not.

If you are like me, you know already that something threatens KPFK's existence as a free speech radio station. You know that a plague of fund drives arose from something mischievous. This plague arose as our listener-sponsored base shrinks. There's more, but we have no way to know more.

Our Pacifica airwaves sound more like an auction than listener-sponsored, free speech radio. And I see no indication of any real change in the future from this deadly, head-long drive into a commercial black hole.

Lewis Hill committed suicide five years before I heard his dream at work. In minutes, I knew intuitively, instinctively, that I had found something unique and powerful with great potential for good. I knew in the first moments that I had to be part of KPFK. So 40 years ago I came to believe what I continue to believe, and that is Lewis Hill's efforts made possible a very fragile, greatly threatened, thin sound of reason in a world dominated by commercial and government propaganda. The fund drive plague will end Lewis Hill's dream. It will break my heart.


Four Decades

I hope to help KPFK in return for its four decades of service to me. What I have learned I intend to bring to KPFK; this sort of creates a listener-sponsor reflex between the station and myself, I suppose. You see, KPFK is like a religion to me, I believe. If I have ritual, meaning, spiritual and intellectual leaders, they hail from this listener-sponsored, free speech radio station in Los Angeles. I cannot imagine my life without this radio station and how shallow it would have been without KPFK. If you read this far you know what I mean.

I see KPFK as the inspiration for my continuing day-to-day adult education. I believe that KPFK reflects my personal values more than any other media. With transparency, my foremost value for KPFK, I believe our station's listeners will choose the future of their station and those values that I share with KPFK.

KPFK should lead the world in the direction of free speech radio for healthy living and critical thinking on a healthy planet; the future needs a sustainable, transparent, planetary Pacifica -- global in scale, I mean. I choose these terms because they help me comprehend as I connect the dots between myself, family, work, and our place on this planet.

These aspects of our lives Lewis Hill hoped to pacify with Pacifica grown radio stations. If ever we expect to remove war and the authoritarian personality from humanity, it will begin at a local level if not in the family itself; KPFK has an archive documenting its efforts in these areas for world-wide distribution. Let's grow KPFK without resorting to the fund plague.


My Major Concerns

Please visit my links as found here and on the Internet. I have almost 900 domains and they all relate to biohazard cleanup, mostly. Matters related to the race myth, racism, species-populations in the wild, oligarchy, and other subjects populate some of these domains. Of course global warming and nuclear matters cause me much distress and motivate some of my writing.

Problems encountered by Pacifica have a common thread shared by other institutional bureaucracies. These bureaucracies give direction to their institutions, like Pacifica, whenever left "unaccountable to an informed, appropriately educated citizenry." (Clare Spark)


Who is Eddie Evans?

I'm a guy that became a listener-sponsor one August day in 1972. Mike Hodel, Mitchell Harding, and one of the Spark sisters "pitched" during a two week, KPFK fund drive. It took ten minutes to call. I've never regretted listening to KPFK or donating to KPFK. Had I continued to turn the dial, I would be for certain a flat, one-dimensional man.

I love KPFK about as much as an artifact can be loved, I suppose. I even sought employment at KPFK a couple of times, but did not have the right stuff, it appears.

Anyway, I've been married 44 years, have no children, and no living family members. I'm pushing 66 and not in the best of health, but strong, able, and willing to work for KPFK's survival. I will not make another effort for a KPFK board position. I have other activities that have a place on my agenda, like advocating for families. So here I am, this one time.

If successful, I will learn what I can and ask questions while trying to be humble about it. I hope to learn from listener-sponsors what they think and what they want. I have concern for those listeners that do not sponsor KPFK; many people listen so they and their children will benefit from standard English models presented on KPFK. Fortunately, KPFK has a fair number of standard English speakers. A standard English speaker, by the way, has Tom Brokaw as a standard bearer . But there are many others. Shall we help our alienated population by saving KPFK?

My Business

I am a biohazard cleaner and a self-styled consumer advocate; I advocate for families victimized by homicides and suicides and then cheated by their coroner and county pubic guardian employees. This second victimization occurs when victims' families need a professional cleaner like myself. Our civil servants send these families to a corrupt crime scene cleanup company (biohazard cleansers) for a 10 percent kickback. Or, these civil servants may own the company they send families to use for cleaning after their dead. It's a racket and nationwide. So I advocate for a government, victimized population.

Naturally enough, most people in my niche field of cleaning hate me, at least those who know of me. I'm hard to miss. I own, a radical crime scene cleanup web site. I see it's off Google now. This is a first in 8 years. Something's amiss.

Most crime scene cleanup companies, in my experience, have a connection to their local government and use these connections to create a monopoly over the crime scene cleanup field. This is a form of fascism, capital imposed by government, if I'm not mistaken.


What I think about the current crisis

Fund drives were for two weeks, twice a year 40 years ago and for decades. When the fund plague started I do not know, but it definitely caused me concern.

I noted threats to KPFK above. I should note here as elsewhere these ideas (I comment on each below):

  • KPFK blundered into a fiscal crisis because of poor management by The Pacifica Foundation. Someone in power fell into a power trip with their authority and cast listener-sponsor money around as if it did not matter. Listener-sponsors, it seems, became sheep for shearing.
  • Listener-Sponors are dying off without replacements. As an eclectic radio station KPKK's listening audience is fickled, meaning they lack listening consistency and have no listening commitment to KPFK. Some listen to one radio show, period. Why pay to listen to one radio show when it's free?
  • Everything costs more. Technology, maintenance, electricity, and the rest continue to increase in cost while we have not found a way to cut costs at our station. At least, we don't know about these matters.
  • The Pacifica Foundation bureaucracy began to act like other bureaucracies. It grows to help ensure its survival. It hires more and more employees to ensure that its upper-crust receives a growing wage for directing its work force.
  • A living wage for paid staff has increased?

If none of the above applies, then what? Why are we in the dark? Why should anyone object to transparency in our foundation or stations? We need to know, and if we don't need to know, someone might tell us why and put it on the web so that we can understand. (return)


Blowing Smoke

Obviously, Pacifica's ruling elite blow smoke or I'm missing something big. If I'm missing something big, I resent being lead to the moment of Pacifica's collapse; otherwise, is this just another case of KPFK crying "wolf"?.

I've done much of what I can promise to do. I'm going to make efforts to improve the forum, but for now I have other tasks.

So I've placed this web site, a forum, and a directory on the Internet. I hope listeners will use these services for our station's survival and their own needs. Here's a forum and directory. I wrote questions and now I'll seek answers to report to listeners on these same pages and the forum-directory. But there's more to do, and that's to find the truth, the truth for this fund drive plague. We don't have time for more smoke-and-mirrors.

KPFK has the greatest programmers and most intelligent listeners, it seems to me. Why do we allow this misuse of the public airwaves? Let's find out. Let's put a plug in the money drain while seeking more listener-sponsors and fund raising ideas outside of our control room. Meanwhile, we can promote KPFK inexpensively with Internet links by the millions.




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